Tafelsig Peoples’ Forum to March Against Evictions

29 01 2008

Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Statement
Tuesday 29th January 2008

MITCHELLS PLAIN – On Wednesday 30th January 2008 at 7 am, 100 residents from Freedom Park, Tafelsig will march on the Mitchells Plain Magistrates Court.

The residents are marching from 112 Tafelberg Rd and marching on the court.

The march is against the pending evictions of four families from
shacks in the area. Each family has about three children and some are pregnant.

There are empty houses in the area but the council does not want to allocate these houses to the families. They say “they can’t help the people who live in shacks”. Yet these families have been living in the shacks for more than 10 years.

The entire community supports the families. “If they want to put them out then we will take action”, said Sharia Abraham of the Tafelsig Peoples Forum.

For comment call Sharia Abraham on 083 896 6922

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