Press Statement: Another Woodstock family of 11 with babies camping on the street after eviction

9 02 2008
Saturday 9th February 2008
WOODSTOCK, CAPE TOWN – The family of Ursula Jones has been sleeping on Cornwall Street in Lower Woodstock since Thursday 7th February 2008 after four vans of police, including Captain Japhta from Woodstock Police Station, evicted them.
The family comprises of Ursula’s two elderly parents, her four siblings, and four children – the youngest aged two months old and three years old.
The family are essentially victims of the gentrification sweeping Cape Town as a result of the ANC and DA’s desire to turn Cape Town into a mini-Europe/playground of the rich/place for rich white people only.
The family paid their R1500 per month rent on time every month for about nine years. Suddenly the owner decided to make a quick buck and sold the house. The new owner has evicted them.
While this might not be unlawful, it is certainly unjust. The family is very poor and the State should accommodate them instead of leaving them at the mercy of market forces.
The family can be found sleeping with all their belongings on 27 Cornwall Street (near Gympie Street), Lower Woodstock.
For more information please call Ursula Jones on 073 0064729


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