Press Update: Delft community and Anti-Eviction Campaign sleep on Symphony Rd, vow permanent sit in

20 02 2008

Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Update
Wednesday 20 February 2008

DELFT – About 1000 people, including heavily pregnant women, children, babies and all the activists in the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign, have occupied Symphony Road in Delft.

The huge group slept on the road all night and are vowing to remain on the road, blocking the area, until the appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal is lodged, which will hopefully be today.

The community has nowhere else to go since all those who occupied the houses in the first place were backyard dwellers with no security of tenure in the backyards they were renting, or homeless.

Once the appeal is lodged in the SCA, the group will return to the houses which they consider to be rightfully theirs, having been on the waiting list for 20 years and having been promised this specific group of houses by countless numbers of politicians seeking votes and community approval for the N2 Gateway project.

for comment call Ashraf on 076 1861408 or Pamela on 079 37009614 or Mzonke on 073 2562036

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