Urgent Press Release: Delft homeless are now being evicted from their tents!

24 02 2008

Sunday, 24th February, 2008


The provincial Social Welfare Department and the Democratic Alliance’s Dan Plato are threatening Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) because the charity has put up tents for the recently evicted residents of Delft. They are threatening tear down the tents as we speak.

According to Achmat from IRW: “The Social Welfare department of the province went to the police to lay a charge for the erection of illegal structures. They demanded that IRW remove the structures [tents] immediately”.

Achmat also claims he has received a call form Dan Plato threatening Islamic Relief Worldwide that if they do not remove all tents by tonight, the City of Cape Town with the backing of the police will come in unilaterally and remove it themselves.

For comment and specifics on the threat, please call Achmat from IRW on 079-139-7101.

The Anti-Eviction Campaign along with IRW requests anyone concerned to come immediately to Symphony Road in Delft where residents are living. By 19h30, the City of Cape Town is planning to remove the tents and render residents vulnerable once again to the harsh elements of the area.

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3 responses

28 02 2008
Rita Hill

Evictions are bad, but national sovereignty is good.

There is a deeper issue here, that is not talked about by the do-gooders who claim to care about society.

Swarm people care about swarm society, and their misplaced concept of culture keeps the rest of us from dealing with the real issues. Some people need to be told where to go. Not telling them where to go makes matters worse.

28 02 2008

With respect, I dont think you would have this opinion if you were the one being dictated where to go and what to do. When people get told what to do and where to go and stop thinking for themselves, then you get highly authoritarian situations such as Nazism, Apartheid, etc. Democratic Social Movements are what keep democracy alive

28 02 2008
Rita Hill

All of those start from swarm, don’t make swarm.

It is obvious that some people do not understand why there is no EU Constitution. Let people have that dialogue. But immigration warriors are designated creepy.


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