Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Statement: Gugulethu

13 03 2008

13th March 2008

The Mayor of Cape Town, Helen Zille, has finally decided to come to the Gugulethu Sports Complex to address the different communities about the burning housing crisis as well as the 50-50 ratio with regards to allocation of housing in Cape Town.

The Mayor will be at the meeting on Sunday 16th March 2008 at 2pm.
We are totally against the current implementation of the 70-30 ratio where 70% of new houses go to residents from informal settlements and 30% to backyarders in the relevant area. We believe that those backyarders have also been in the housing queue for more than 20 years so we want a first come first serve basis based on who has been on the waiting list longest, and a 50-50 ratio.

We are against the evictions that are taking place daily in council houses. That is why we want the council to respond as soon as possible on the subject of these evictions.

Anyone who wants proof can ask us for a list of those council houses from which elderly people and orphans have been evicted. Their rights have also been abused by police who come and evict them all the time.

For comment call Mncedisi Twalo, AEC Provincial Co-ordinator on 078 5808646 or the Mayor on 021 4001301

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