Press Release: Delft pavement dwellers to re-submit their ‘misplaced’ subsidy applications

17 03 2008

March 17, 2008

Tomorrow, Delft pavement dwellers of Symphony Way plan to go – en mass – to Cape Town to resubmit their subsidy applications.

Before they head to town, residents are heading to the Belville Court to support one of their own who has been falsely charged for public violence.  During the illegal Christmas evictions last year, police decided to pick and choose random residents and accuse them of violence when the real perpetrators of this violence were the police themselves.

After court, representatives of over 450 families will make their way to 27 Wale Street in Cape Town to re-submit their housing subsidy applications.  While all residents have in the past filed these applications, they have been mysteriously ‘misplaced’.  According to Thubelisha Homes, only 4 of the 450 families on Symphony Way have had their applications approved.  However, these 4 families have vowed to continue to support the other families saying: “If we all dont move into a house, I will stay right here on the pavement with my brothers and sisters!”

Residents hope that this time their subsidy application will not be lost or destroyed by the housing department.

For comment, please call 076 1861408

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