Solidarity: PASSOP protest against victimization of Somalians

19 03 2008

Press Statement for Immediate Release from PASSOP in Cape Town

We protest against the victimisation of Somalians

We are completely against the continued attacks on immigrants in the townships, particularly the Somali community. We demand that there be inquiry into why no arrests have been made following the most recent attacks, looting and murder of a Somalian. Government cannot allow leniency on xenophibia, it is our opinion that these attacks are against a race, a religion and a nationality. The police continue to target immigrants and they fail to hold xenophobic murderers accountable. This treatment of immigrants is much like that of black people under aparthied, sub-standard. UCT PASSOP, PASSOP members from the townships, Somalians, Congolese, Zimbabwean and South Africans will picket to show our support and solidarity with the victims and our anger with the police who have neither prevented nor punished such actions.

We will picket in front of Parliament (Thursday the 20th of March) at 1.30pm

For any further enquiries contact
Charles Sithole (passop- Masiphumelele branch) 0834911259
Melissa McWalter (uct passop) 0834129768




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