A Collection of Statements and Essays on the May 2008 Pogroms

22 06 2008

  • Stop the Xenephobic Attacks in Alexandra & Elsewhere!, by the Anti-Privatization Forum & the Alexandra Vukuzenzele Crisis Committee, May 2008
  • Abahlali baseMjondolo Statement on the Xenophobic Attacks in Johannesburg, May 2008
  • The Foreigner in the Mirror, by Hein Marais, Mail & Guardian, May 2008
  • Audio interviews with refugees in Cape Town, May 2008
  • Shattered Myths: The xenophobic violence in South Africa, by Nathan Geffen, Treatment Action Campaign, June 2008
  • COHRE statement on Xenophobic Attacks, June 2008
  • The Politics of Fear and the Fear of Politics, by Michael Neocosmos, June 2008
  • We are not all like that: the monster bares its fangs, by Andile Mngxitama, June 2008
  • A Crisis of Citizenship, by Richard Pithouse, June 2008
  • Special Issue of Equal Treatment on ‘Systematic Abuse of Immigrants’, June 2008
  • What the U.S. Press Got Wrong About South Africa’s Xenophobic Riots, by Kerry Chance, Slate Magazine, June 2008
  • Also see: The South African Migration Project

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    6 11 2008
    Solidarity: City eviction letter for Blue Waters Refugee Camp « Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign

    [...] Below, you will find the City of Cape Town’s official letter to refugees of Blue Waters Camp.  Residents are resisting the eviction because they fear for their lives by moving back into the townships.  The City is doing nothing to ensure that foreign nationals are safe enough to return (see this article by the Mail & Guardian).  The City is also doing nothing to get at the root causes of the xenophobic pogroms. [...]


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