250 backyard residents from Langa, Nyanga and Guguletu to occupy empty flats

2 08 2008
Saturday 2 August 2008 at 9:30am
GUGULETU, CAPE TOWN – About 250 backyard residents from Langa, Nyanga and Guguletu are going to occupy some empty flats at 10:30am today.
The flats are the yellow flats behind Joe Slovo camp in Langa.
The residents have experienced floods every year but have never been catered for because they are the backyarders. The residents have been waiting for up to 40 years for house. Residents feel that now it is their turn to receive houses.
Many of today’s group are pensioners and even people of up to 80 years of age. They are embarking on a peaceful occupation and hope there will be no violence from the SAPS. If there is, the AEC will not hesitate to sue the Minister of Safety and Security for damages. We are going to be documenting the police action very carefully today.
“Today is the turn of those pensioners who never received houses, to get theirs” said a community spokesperson.
For more information from the scene call 078 5808646


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