Gugulethu residents to protest against new Mall backed the famous Mzoli and Old Mutual

13 10 2008

Guguelthu Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Statement
14 October, 2008

Begin: Gugulethu Sports Complex
End: Mzoli’s Place
Time: 15h00

Later today, the Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Campaign will be marching with Eyona tenants to Mzoli’s Place – a tourist hotspot and famous butchery/nightclub.

Months ago, small and informal business were evicted from Eyona Shopping Centre to make way for a new Mall. While this development is primarily being financed by Old Mutual, Mr. Mzoli Ngcauzela (whom residents have dubbed black wolf with sheep skin) has been Old Mutual’s strongman in dealing with the community.

On Sunday, Mzoli showed up to the AEC’s weekly mass meeting escorted by ANC members, taxi bosses and local thugs. They interrupted the meeting and told the community that “no one is going to stop the development”. They also warned that former members of Mkhonto we Sizwe were being deployed at the development alongside security guards to prevent any form of protest that could delay construction.

As a result, the community has decided to take their protest to Mzoli’s famous butchery and restaurant. While outside the township he has a good reputation (attracting politicians, tourists and other wealthy visitors to his butchery), in Gugs he is known for the mess, public drunkenness and violence that his butchery brings to the neighborhood. Throughout Gugs, he is also known for his suspicious business dealings and corrupt connections to politicians.

Gugulethu AEC demands that:
1.The community is meaningfully consulted about the shopping centre.
2.All informal traders are guaranteed space to conduct their business
3.Mzoli immediately ends his intimidation of residents.

For more information, contact Mncedisi at 078-5808-646 and Speelman at 073-9825-725

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2 responses

16 04 2009

I am personnaly pro-development in the townships. The only problem i have is the inability of the developers to give opportunity to the area interpeneurs as well.
My friend and I put together a Request For Quote for a 280m2 restaurant space we would like to have in the Gugulethu Complex. We astonished to receive a rental quote from Soundrock to the value of R80 000 a month, which is about R1m/annum. This is clearly saying to us this is not for the less fortunate creative minds.
I have made a personnal commitment with my family that we would boycott the complex once it is up and running. We will also extend that our relatives as well.
The other element is that of Mzoli being viewed as supporting other businesses in the township. i am not so certain about that or should I say that is not entirely true. I actually had a telephonic talk with him of this business proposal and he promised to get back to us to discuss the issue further and we’re still awaiting his feedback.
But that is not deterring from pursuing this plan.

9 06 2010
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