CALS statement against the use of Transit Camps (TRAs)

23 01 2009

AEC Note: The letter from Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS), see below, concerns the proposed forced removal of Siyanda residents to Temporary Relocation Areas (TRAs).  Forced evictions to TRAs, aka Transit Camps, is a huge issue for communities all over South Africa.  Some of the communities opposing eviction to TRAs or who are protesting conditions within TRAs include:

The AEC sees TRA’s as an apartheid era policy of controlling space.  Only this time residents are forcibly removed because they are poor and not necessarily because they are black.  The country’s largest political parties (DA, ANC, ID, UDF) all support the creation and forced relocation of residents into TRAs.

Johannesburg, 23 January 2009


CALS condemns the current government policy of using transit camps as alternative accommodation for forcibly removed shackdwellers

The Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS) is disturbed at a growing trend in South African cities in terms of which the state forcibly removes shackdwellers from large shacks on well-located land to ‘temporal housing’ in transit camps (also known as ‘temporary relocation areas’ or TRAs) on the urban periphery. Relocation to transit camps is most often done to make way for infrastructure and development projects which will not benefit those being removed. Read the rest of this entry »

Solidarity: Resistance to Housing Foreclosures Spread Across the Land

23 01 2009

By Barbara Ehrenreich, The Nation
Posted on January 23, 2009, Printed on January 23, 2009
Source: Alternet (USA)

“This is a crowd that won’t scatter,” James Steele wrote in the pages of The Nation some seventy-five years ago. Early one morning in July 1933, the police had evicted John Sparanga and his family from a home on Cleveland’s east side. Sparanga had lost his job and fallen behind on mortgage payments. The bank had foreclosed. A grassroots “home defense” organization, which had managed to forestall the eviction on three occasions, put out the call, and 10,000 people — mainly working-class immigrants from Southern and Central Europe — soon gathered, withstanding wave after wave of police tear gas, clubbings and bullets, “vowing not to leave until John Sparanga [was] back in his home.” Read the rest of this entry »

Solidarity: Piketberg protest march

23 01 2009

The Right to Agrarian Reform for Food Sovereignty
21 January 2009 – For immediate release

School is out for Bentley Morobi: “Tomorrow is D-day for farm eviction in Piketberg but campaign is confident of success”

Schools in the province just started today, but tomorrow might be the last day of school for Bentley Morobi, the 11-year old son of Michael Morobi, the farmworker who face eviction charges in the Piketberg Magistrates Court.

Bentley, his 6-month old sibling, mother Susan and father Michael are to be evicted from the Pemona farm in Piketberg by farmer Rob Duncan under the ESTA law. To date, 2 million farm workers have been evicted under this legislation. And more farm workers face the same fate in the coming months. Read the rest of this entry »


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