Media: Resident in a fix after twice being evicted from her home

30 10 2009

it turned out that title deed of house was in dead person’s name

October 29, 2009 Edition 1

A GUGULETHU resident is at a loss after twice being evicted from the home she believes to be hers.

Deborah Booysen, 56, has been living at NY 99, in what she believed to be her parents’ house, for more than 13 years. It was only in 2007 that Booysen found out that the title deed was in the name of her neighbour’s mother who had died. Read the rest of this entry »

Parkfields condemns the State for allowing CJ Botman to plea bargain away his responsibility to pay us back 2 million rand

30 10 2009
Parkfields (Newfields) AEC Press Release
30 October 2009

To: All media and civil society

From: Parkfields Community Representative Committee (formerly Newfields Village CRC)

Re: Condemnation of the latest postponement allowed by the state prosecutor in the case against C.J. Botman without input from our community

Trial postponed until 27 November 2009
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

The people of Newfields Village, which currently faces evictions, experienced this injustice yesterday when the state, without consulting with representatives of our communties, accepted the final, final postonment of the case against C. J. Botman in order to accommodate the disgraced attorney.

Botman was ordered by the court to try to repay the money he stole from the attorneys fidelity fund to the tune of R400,000. However, the CRC did not have any say in Mr. Botman’s plea-bargain. Mr. Botman doesn’t only owe the state 400,000 Rand. He also owes residents about 2 million rand. But our needs are being ignored by the state prosecutor.

We strongly reject these arrangements and strongly reject this postponement. Read the rest of this entry »

Symphony Way is not dead. We are still Symphony Way. We will always be Symphony Way.

30 10 2009
Symphony Way Anti-Eviction Campaign
30 October 2009

We, the pavement dwellers of Symphony Way, have just completed our forced removed from the road into the relocation camp of Blikkiesdorp. However, during the past week, a lot of misinformation has been thrown around about our community by the City and in the media.

Firstly, we would like to make absolutely clear that there was not a single family from Symphony Way who actually wanted to move to Blikkiesdorp. It was reported in the Argus a few days ago that people were excited about their new places and the move was festive. This is of course not true. There is a reason that over 100 families actively refused to move to Blikkies for over 20 months. It was also reported that there were divisions in the community about the move. This is also untrue. We were merely having an extended conversation of our options: (a) pay exhorbitant fees at backyards, (b) go to crime infested Blikkies, (c) occupy unused land, occupy empty bond houses, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Update on yesterday’s violent police attack on our community

30 10 2009
Gugulethu AEC Press Update
30 October 2009

Yesterday we reported that the police tried to illegally ban our mass protest against the new Gugulethu Square Mall. After failing to ban our protest, they shot at us even though we were peaceful and the media saw that we were peaceful. Since then, a few details have emerged:

  1. They brought in an entirely new police team on Thursday. From Monday through to Wednesday, Captain Brink and his team from the Gugulethu SAPS was accompanying us and protecting us during our march and peaceful protest against the mall. On Thursday, Captain Brink and his team was removed from working with us. Instead, a police team from Bellville South was brought in. These police officers were aggressive from the very beginning. They refused to talk to us. They refused to work with us. Instead the worked against us.
  2. When we left the mall site at that morning after staging our protest, the police followed us. As we were crossing NY1 main road, they ordered us to disperse or they will shoot. Instead, we staged a civil disobediance sit-in on NY1. We sat right down on the road and continued our peaceful protest. Police immediately opened fire on us in full view of other journalists. Many people were shot with rubber bullets including many women and older people. Read the rest of this entry »


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