Media: Town centre traders face eviction

7 03 2010

By Nomava Nobumba
07 March 2010

Traders of Mitchell’s Plain, Town centre have been evicted by Law Enforcement officials early this morning.

One of the traders who introduced herself only as Jennifer says at about 5am the city officials forced them to leave the area with no eviction letter.

“When I arrive at my stand, they started by vandalising it and confiscated my goods,” she said.

Spokesperson for traders Mischka Cassiem says their livelihood is at stake.

“We have to wait and see, and at this stage I can not comment further until we met with the city,” Cassiem said.

About 700 traders have been affected by the eviction.

Update on Mitchells Plain Traders: Law Enforcement present in Mitchells Plain Town Centre

7 03 2010

The evictions of Traders in Mitchells Plain Town Centre have been calmed. Law Enforcement is still present in the area, but no evictions have taken place this morning.

After 7am this morning one Trader was mishandled and verbally abused by Law Enforcement. The officials approached her stand and removed her goods, vandalising her stand. She then willingly removed her goods, and will continue to trade this afternoon. She was verbally told she can’t trade today and City Official Randall Skrikker announced that she will also not be allowed to trade tomorrow.

Overall the Town Centre is calm. The perseverance of the Traders is apparent as we fight together for our livelihoods. All support and solidarity are requested from the public and media.

For more information please contact Jennifer at 0833522658 and Naiela 0729050779

Traders in Mitchells Plain Town Centre being evicted by Law Enforcement now

7 03 2010

At the moment, Traders of Mitchells Plain Town Centre are being evicted by Law Enforcement officials: goods are being confiscated and livelihoods are at stake. The City of Cape Town is moving forward with the renovation process that will see loss of livelihoods for at least 500 Traders. Many Traders still feel that this process is not for their benefit. We are appealing for the support of the community in and around Mitchells Plain. All media is invited to the Town Centre.

For more information please contact Mischka Cassiem at 0745257336


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