Police Brutally Assault Peaceful Service Delivery Protestors in Alexandra: Call for Solidarity and Advice

7 09 2009

Press Statement from the Alexandra Vukuzenzele Crisis Committee

We, the Alexandra Vukuzenzele Crisis Committee (AVCC), have been fighting for our right to move from our shacks to houses since 2002. We have engaged the Alexandra Renewal Project (ARP) and local ANC councilors, but they have failed to respond to our grievances. To push forward the struggle of the poor for our right to housing, we have been non-violently occupying empty RDP houses in extension 7. The government and the police have responded by brutally assaulting us in order to stop us from applying this method of non-violent direct action – the only method we have to force the government to heed to our demands for housing. Read the rest of this entry »


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