Traders in Mitchells Plain Town Centre being evicted by Law Enforcement now

7 03 2010

At the moment, Traders of Mitchells Plain Town Centre are being evicted by Law Enforcement officials: goods are being confiscated and livelihoods are at stake. The City of Cape Town is moving forward with the renovation process that will see loss of livelihoods for at least 500 Traders. Many Traders still feel that this process is not for their benefit. We are appealing for the support of the community in and around Mitchells Plain. All media is invited to the Town Centre.

For more information please contact Mischka Cassiem at 0745257336

Media: City evicts illegal occupants in Blikkiesdorp

22 01 2010

Malungelo Booi | 22 January 2010 | Eyewitness News

A group of people evicted from Billikiesdorp are demanding an urgent investigation into allocation of structures on site. Read the rest of this entry »

AEC Today: Gympie St in High Court, S’khoma Butchery evictions in Gugs, and more…

4 06 2009
Update on Skhoma Butchery eviction (12h53 – 4 June):

The eviction order was invalid and therefore illegal.  Skhoma Butchery was able to convince City officials and the Sheriff of the Court to return all material and put it back inside the Butchery.

For more information contact Mncedisi (AEC) at 078 580 8646 and Thandi (Skhoma) at 082 495 8652

  • What? SS Skhoma Butchery in Gugulethu being evicted
  • When? Right now! (09h40 – 4 June)

The owners and staff of Gugulethu’s famous Skhoma Butchery woke today to find out that they were being evicted.  They had no idea that this was going to happen as they had set an agreed date with Guguletu Square mall developers on when to move to their new premises.  The butchery is currently consulting their lawyer as to what to do.  It seems that there is an eviction letter from the 14th of May saying that occupants should be evicted.  However, this does not seem like a court order and this letter was never served on the occupants.

This kind of illegal or semi-legal actions by developers and government happens everyday in South Africa.  Fortunately for Skhoma owners, they can afford a lawyer.  But for poor South Africans, they rarely are able to stop themselves from being evicted illegally.

For more information contact Mncedisi (AEC) at 078 580 8646 and Thandi (Skhoma) at 082 495 8652-

  • What? Gympie Street interdict to be heard at Cape High Court
  • When? 15h30 (on the 4 June)

Gympie Street residents will be in court at 15h30 where the judge will be hearing their interdict against the illegal eviction of two families.  Yesterday, the belongings of the Heyn and Petersen families were confiscated by Law Enforcement officials who claimed they would return their belongings once the families found a place to stay.  We are afraid we might not see our belongings again.

For more information contact Willy at 073 144 3619


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