CHATA: Hawkers fate tied in with the fate of Epping Market

26 01 2010
Mitchell’s Plain Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association
26 January 2010 – For Immediate Release

Meeting: Western Cape traders meeting at Epping Market – 10h00am

The situation for the Mitchell’s Plain traders is still very uncertain. We still do not know when evictions could take place. There have been threats that a Law Enforcement operation will commence to evict us anytime next month.

In response, CHATA has sent Mayor Dan Plato an email of concern regarding Law Enforcement’s plans in the area. Why are there plans to evict us when negotiations have not ended? Mr Ivan Anthony from the city has promised us that traders who have not registered yet can continue trading in their old spots until after negotiations have ended.  There is still another workshop planned for February.  Mayor Plato still has not responded to our complaints. Read the rest of this entry »

Landless People’s Movement Wins a Major Court Victory: Mnisi v City of Johannesburg

8 08 2009
Press Statement
Landless People’s Movement, Protea South
Friday, 07 August 2009

Winning Our Land Back – the Landless People’s Movement Wins a Major Court Victory

On Tuesday 4th August the South Gauteng High Court handed down a major victory for the Landless People’s Movement in Protea South, Johannesburg.

We have struggled long and hard in Protea South. Over the years our marches have been banned and we have been arrested, beaten, shot at with rubber bullets, threatened and tortured.

The judgment is a victory against forced removal. We have long been resisting plans to dump us in Dornkop which is far away from Protea South which is where we live and near to where we work and school. The City of Johannesburg have been insisting that we must accept forced removal to a human dumping ground whether we like it or not. They said that the land in Protea South is for the people that have money. Wozani security was a threat to us when the councillor called meetings to try and impose the relocation on the people. The judgment forces the City of Johannesburg to upgrade our settlement where we are living or to provide land and housing to us very near to where we are living. It bans the City of Johannesburg from evicting us until the next court date. Read the rest of this entry »


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