Really, it is a shame

15 04 2010
by Lindela Figlan of Abahlali baseMjondolo
An abridged version was published in the Daily News on 15 April 2010

South Africans are facing tough times.  It is a time when there is no humanity, a time when no one in government is interested to listen to your story if you are a poor person.  There are good thinkers in this country, but if their ideologies are coming from the bottom up, from poor communities, no one is prepared to listen carefully.
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AbM in Media: Shack dwellers’ victory

15 10 2009

15 Oct 2009 – The Witness
Sharlene Packree

RESIDENTS of the Kennedy Road settlement in Durban were jubilant yesterday at the ruling of the Constitutional Court that a law that would have allowed mass evictions in KwaZulu-Natal is unconstitutional. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Ethnic tension boils over

4 10 2009
Mail & Guardian

On Monday at 5am Lindela Figlan, huddling with his wife and three-year-old daughter near a bus shelter in Sydenham, Durban, was too terrified to flag down the passing taxis. Read the rest of this entry »

AbM-WC: In Solidarity of Abahlali Leaders at Durban Kennedy Road

28 09 2009
Solidarity Statement by Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape
28 September 2009

These kinds of attacks to our comrades are completely unacceptable, we know this is not the first time for our comrades to be attacked, as much as previously they were attacked by group of unknown people but the current attacks at Kennedy road clarifies that the ANC had been behind these attacks with a view to push our strong comrades out of mobilized communities so that they can reclaim the leadership of those communities. Read the rest of this entry »


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