Evictions in Luanda: ‘They came like animals’

14 09 2009

NIREN TOLSI – Sep 14 2009 06:00 – Mail & Guardian

‘They came like cabrito [goats], like animals in the middle of the night; the police and the army, breaking down our doors and telling us to move,’ says Angelina Conceicao, recalling her forced removal from Luanda’s Ilha de Luanda. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Thousands left homeless after evictions in Angola

5 08 2009
Source: Mail & Guardian

Piles of smashed concrete bricks, crumpled pieces of metal, dirty foam mattresses and ripped plastic bags.

This is all that remains of what was home to 3 000 Angolan families who could do nothing but stand and watch as their properties were flattened by government bulldozers. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Thousands evicted from church land in Angola

24 03 2009
MICHELLE FAUL | LUANDA, ANGOLA – Mar 24 2009 08:07
Source: Mail & Guardian

Even as Pope Benedict XVI said on Monday his heart cannot be at peace while people are homeless, critics used his Africa pilgrimage to highlight the plight of thousands violently evicted from land owned by the Catholic church.

Amnesty International appealed to Benedict during his visit to the Southern Africa country to press its government for full compensation for the families who have been forced from church land since 2004. Read the rest of this entry »


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