Macassar Abahlali to place urgent interdict at Cape High Court

25 05 2009
AbM-WC Press Release
Monday 25 May, 2009

Where: Cape High Court
When: First thing in the morning

Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape will be approaching the Cape High Court first thing this morning to secure an urgent interdict against unlawful and criminal evictions by the City of Cape Town in the case of Macassar Village. Read the rest of this entry »

Ongoing Defiance of State Criminality at Macassar Village

23 05 2009

Abahlali baseMjondolo Western Cape
23 May 2009

The land at Macassar Village was first occupied on Tuesday. The shacks that were built that night were demolished very early the next morning. Every day since then the people have rebuilt their structures to protect themselves at night, sometimes in the rain. Early every morning the police and municipal officials come have come and intimidated people, demolished people’s structures and confiscated our building material.
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Media: Backyard dwellers remain defiant

23 05 2009
By Francis Hweshe
Source: Cape Argus
May 22 2009 at 02:34PM

The defiant backyard dwellers who are continuing to illegally occupy a piece of land in Macassar should retreat, Mayor Dan Plato said.

Tension has grown over the past three days, with the protesting group not backing down on its intention of permanently occupying land close to the N2.
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Media: ‘Millions for stadiums, but no houses’

23 05 2009

Arrests made as violent protests erupt over dismantling of newly-erected shacks

May 20, 2009 Edition 1
Francis Hweshe
Source: Cape Argus

MACASSAR Village housing protesters burnt tyres and stoned the police, who then fired on them with rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, arresting four people, including a University of the Western Cape professor, for public violence.

The informal residents had illegally cleared a piece of land alongside the N2 owned by the City of Cape Town and erected structures vowing not to move from the area.

The protest turned ugly yesterday, resulting in the arrest, and subsequent release of Professor Martin Legassick, along with three other men.

Furious backyard dwellers said they were fed up with the government’s promises of housing, and were tired of paying “exorbitant” rentals. Read the rest of this entry »

Bankruptcy of responses to Macassar land occupation underlines Western Cape housing crisis

22 05 2009
By Martin Legassick

For more pictures including the ongoing camping by residents, click here.

land occupations in Macassar

land occupations in Macassar

On Tuesday 19th backyarders in Macassar, desperate for homes, built shacks on municipal land on a field adjoining the N2 – and were illegally evicted by Cape Town’s DA Helen-Zille-inspired Anti-Land Invasion unit, together with SAPS and Metro Police. Their building materials were confiscated and taken off in a truck. In the process four people (including a 2-year old child) were unnecessarily wounded by police rubber bullets, four people (including myself) were unnecessarily taken into custody and three of these wrongfully charged with public violence. Read the rest of this entry »


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