Right2Know activists demand more access to information

25 05 2011

May 25 2011 at 11:26am – IOL

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Regina Graham

DESPITE the rain, 40 Right2Know protesters gathered outside the Civic Centre yesterday to demand access to information from local and national governments.

Community organisers from the Blikkiesdorp, Zille-Raine Heights, Newfields Village Anti-Eviction Campaign and the Mandela Park backyaders partnered with the Right2KNow organisation to submit applications to gain access to information about housing delivery and resettlement plans.

“Three communities demand access to information about things like budgets and how money is going to be allocated. There is a lack of transparency and a lot of secrets within the community and city,” said Tinashe Njani, the campaign administrator. Read the rest of this entry »

In South Africa, why many people in the township of Mandela Park refused to vote in today’s elections

19 05 2011

Free Speech Radio News – Wed, 05/18/2011 – 13:09

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South Africans have been voting today in local elections. The African National Congress (ANC) currently controls eight of the country’s nine provinces. But some observers say the ANC is facing the strongest opposition since the end of apartheid nearly 30 years ago. Jobs, housing, healthcare and the delivery of basic services have dominated the campaigning. One place where local people struggle to get basic services is Mandela Park, a township of about 20,000 people in Cape Town. In 2009, as a result of a housing crisis in their community, about half the people decided to join the “No Land! No House! No Vote!” campaign. The grassroots movement first started in 2004 and boycotts elections and party politics as a way of drawing attention to the ongoing lack of basic rights and services for poor people. Loyiso Mfuku represents “No Land! No House! No Vote” in Mandela Park.

Persecution from authorities against Backyarders dies down as illegal occupiers flood Mandela Park houses

9 12 2010
Mandela Park Backyarders Press Release
8 December 2010

The Mandela Park Backyarders have finally experienced silence from Authorities after heavily armed police with soldiers moved in 6 families from Gugulethu and 45 other people from Town Two into unfinished houses in Mandela Park. The MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela cannot account for other 45 families from Town Two and he is now pointing fingers at Ward 97 Councillor Rider Mkhutswana as much better positioned person to answer.  But how can something orchestrated so diligently allow for unknowns from Town Two to participate in the occupation?
The move was precipitated by DA members who were sent by the MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela to moonlight in our movement.  They stole our roll call containing the names of our members.  Now the police have vowed to harass and arrest every member of the Mandela Park Backyarders who are on the attendance list.

It appears that a political motivated agenda to drag police into persecuting our movement is done to safeguard criminal elements within the authorities of this country who are being supported by SANCO and the political parties when they give their members free houses.

In South Africa, negotiations are important when seeking common understanding between the people and their government.  But Mandela Park Backyarders have found negotiations to be a waist of time because they are rarely done in good faith.

Our plan is to embark on the same strategies used in other communities.  We will not subject ourselves to useless round tables anymore.  We will meet the government on the street and have all discussions on the same street until a decision that will favour our street agenda is met.

High camaraderie to abahlali bakoQQ Section

Tuesday night the informal settlement of QQ section was covered with fire which left about 80 families without homes and their personal belongings.  Alarm bells were already rung by this community during heavy service delivery protests against those in charge.  But government’s ferocious attitude towards poor meant that their demands were swept under the rug. 

In the aftermath of the fire, the government provided residents with food and a few sheets of cheap zink – this is a tired and has been a short-sighted approach.  They want to manage disasters, not prevent them.  To us, it is a “PRANK”.  You can’t replace a broken chair with another chair thats breaking!  It’s illogical and double insult to the poor and marginalised.

We forward our solidarity to Abahlali baseMjondolo and the QQ Community at large. As Backyarders we would like to say to you one day the HIGH’S WILL BE LOWS AND THE LOWS WILL BE HIGH’S.

Qinani ze Ningadinwa.

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