Letters Issued to Traders in Mitchells Plain Town Centre

15 02 2010

On February 12, 2010, city officials Richard Holdstock and Randall Skrikker handed out notices to Traders in Mitchells Plain Town Centre to collect their new permits on the 15th, 16th and 17th of February 2010. However, CHATA (Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association) feel that this is undemocratic. The permit will enable the city to control Traders in that they will be limited to strict conditions. In a workshop attended by CHATA last October 2009, Mr. Iran Anthony said clearly that those who are happy with the reallocation process must move and those who are not happy should stay until their grievances are sorted. CHATA feels that the city has created the by-law in order to control the informal sector and a call for assistance is also going out to National Government for intervention.

CHATA has now become part of the Western Cape Fresh Produce Crisis Committee in the Epping Market. Further discussion about the rights of Traders will be discussed in the near future.

For more information please contact Mischka Cassiem 0731286657, Naiela Harneker 0729050779, Yasmeen 084 287 5220

Informal Traders Meeting with Officials Tomorrow in Mayor’s Quarters of Cape Town Civic Centre

1 12 2009

The Western Cape Informal Traders Coalition (WCITC) are meeting Mansoor Mohammed at 9h00 tomorrow, December 2, 2009, at the Cape Town Civil Centre, in the Mayor’s quarters on the sixth floor. The people that will be attending will be representatives of each area trading in Cape Town including CHATA (Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association) of Mitchells Plain Town Centre. This is another meeting regarding the memorandum given to officials by the WCITC. They traders gave officials seven days, but they responded within three. The memorandum states that there needs to be a moratorium on the evictions, confiscations, harassments and all other issues pertaining to the informal sector. Press is invited to speak with the Coalition starting at 8h30 in the cafeteria of the Cape Town Civic Centre.

For more information please contact Mischka Cassiem 0731286657 and/or Nkosinathi 0718268076

Mitchells Plain Traders Meet With City – Process Postponed Again

20 11 2009

On Wednesday, November 18, 2009, the City of Cape Town hosted a workshop with all Trader’s organisations of Mitchells Plain. Each organisation was allowed to have three representatives attend the workshop.  The City hosted the workshop to hear the Trader’s opinions and concerns regarding the new renovation and relocation process. CHATA (Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association) attended, but is concerned with the intention of the workshop as the process would have and is still continuing regardless. The City still wants to move forward with the process and announced that it must go on, but at this time has given two more weeks of postponement. Within these two weeks the City has claimed they want to speak to every trader to discuss individual objections to the process.

CHATA will continue to oppose the process if it is continually not done fairly. Due to the problematic Umbrella Body for the Traders, CHATA has requested the removal of the Umbrella Body and a subsequent re-election of a representative Trader body. CHATA is writing another letter to Mayor Dan Plato to pressure him about the process and the need for further consultation. CHATA members are delighted with the two weeks postponement, and due to the input and issues that CHATA has raised, the Traders are moving closer to justice.

For more information please contact: Mischka Cassiem 0731286657, Naiela 0729050779 and Yasmeen 0842875220


12 11 2009


A Visit from Ashraf Cassiem

Ashraf Cassiem is the lead organizer of South Africa’s Anti-Eviction Campaign in the Western Cape.
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Update on Mitchells Plain Traders Facing Eviction

12 11 2009

Mitchells Plain Concerned Traders and Hawkers Association (CHATA) held a meeting and workshop today for its members. CHATA is opposing the relocation process of the Traders in the Town Centre. They have been a driving force in encouraging the city to postpone the relocation process as they have pointed out that it has been unfair and not transparent – CHATA extends gratitude to the Mayor for accepting the request to call off the eviction operation. The city has made claims that within the next ten days it will hold a workshop with Traders regarding concerns about the process before all Traders are asked to move. CHATA welcomes the workshops, but still questions why it is happening now after the process was approved last year. In the meantime, officials and members of the umbrella body are evicting Traders each day – this clearly shows that officials employed by the city are not respecting the Mayor’s request to postpone evictions. CHATA has been helping its members stay in their bays all week. The city is attempting to move traders to each other’s spaces and creating tension amongst traders in the Town Centre.

On November 24, 2009, the Western Cape Informal Traders Coalition (WCITC), of which CHATA is a member, will picket at the Mayor’s office in Cape Town to voice the anger and frustrations of Traders all throughout the Western Cape. After the picketing, the press is invited for a conference to speak with the coalition and traders – more details will come closer to the date. Chairperson of CHATA, Mischka Cassiem, is acting as the interim public relations officer of WCITC.

For more information please contact Mischka Cassiem 0731286657 and Jasmine Page 0733688690

Mitchells Plain Traders Eviction Postponed

31 10 2009

Informal Traders in Mitchells Plain Town Centre have been facing the threat of eviction. With a pending removal date of November 2nd, the Traders have been organising to oppose the eviction process. Today the Traders were met with some relief as the process has been postponed once again – the operational eviction has been called off. A workshop, hosted by the city, will be held between the executive members of each Trader’s association in the Town Centre, including CHATA, within the next two weeks. A member of parliament was also invited to attend – Marius Fransman – to discuss the issues facing the traders in Mitchells Plain. CHATA has asked for the intervention of the ANC and they have given their full support to Informal Traders and have successfully helped in negotiating with Mayor Dan Plato. Thanks are given from CHATA to all those who have helped with negotiating the postponement.

The work of CHATA (Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association) is being met with progress and Traders are openly voicing their concerns with the process.

For more information Contact: Mischka Cassiem 073 128 6657 and/or Naiela 072 905 0779

Media: Mitchells Plain market fuels anger

21 10 2009

Nathan Adams | 21 October 2009 | Eyewitness News

Traders at Mitchells Plain’s Town Centre have less than two weeks to move their stalls before a revamp of the market gets underway. Read the rest of this entry »

Controlling Permit Letters Issued to Traders in Mitchells Plain

20 10 2009

Traders and Hawkers in Mitchells Plain Town Centre were given letters notifying them that by 1 November 2009 all structures and boxes should be removed. Traders were informed to collect their permits starting today, 20 October 2009, and on the 21st and 23rd for their new trading bays. This permit, although, will give the city the authority to evict any trader at any time. The permit system is a means to govern the traders. The traders of Mitchells Plain feel outraged by these conditions.

CHATA continues to fight for the rights of the traders and opposes the current permit system process as it adds to our continued marginalization.

CHATA’s deputy chairperson was also elected to be the Trustee for the Western Cape Traders Coalition, supported by StreetNet International.

For more information please contact: Mischka 073 128 6657 and/or Naiela 072 905 0779 and/or Yasmeen 084 287 5220

Press Release: Mitchells Plain Traders Struggle Continues

6 10 2009

On October 2, 2009 Cape Town municipality officials Randall Skrikker and Richard Hollstock handed out notice letters regarding the allocation process in the Mitchells Plain CBD. However, Traders find the contents of the letters to be very intimidating. Traders are still uncertain about the eviction, but law enforcements are already on the scene in the Town Centre – as the letter notes: “Law Enforcement will monitor the area and implement a By-Law enforcement strategy to deal with any infringements.”

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 there will be a meeting with CHATA and city official Mr. Randall Skrikker. This meeting has been called by the Traders to speak to Mr. Skrikker about the irregularities in the allocation process. All are welcome to attend at the Mitchells Plain Town Centre library at 13h00.

As a result of the problematic allocation process, on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 CHATA will be marching against the city’s decisions to move forward with evictions. Traders will organise at 10h30 from the Mitchells Plain Town Centre. The march will resume at 11h00 and go from the Town Centre to Keizergracht Square to continue with the march. All are encouraged to come and support the struggles of the Traders.

For more information contact Mischka at 0731286657, Naiela at 0729050779 and Yasmeen at 0842875220

PRESS: Temporary Victory in Mitchells Plain Town Centre

22 09 2009

September 22, 2009

There has been a slight and temporary victory today in the Mitchells Plain Town Centre. City Official Randall Strikker has announced that the eviction of over half of the Town Centre traders has been moved until the end of October. This postponement is a slight victory due to the pressures put on the city by the traders, but it still remains that the city will continue with evictions.

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