Media: Pavement life blights kids’ life at school

13 03 2009
March 13, 2009 Edition 1
Source: Cape Argus

Spending a year living on the pavement and the threat of eviction are taking their toll on the 175 children of Delft’s Symphony Way, who are having difficulty concentrating at school

Their performances have been adversely affected by their harsh living conditions and insecurity about their future, said Anti-Eviction Campaign spokeswoman Jane Roberts.

“They can’t focus on their school work because their minds are on being evicted and they keep wondering when they will get houses,” she said.

“They keep thinking about when police will come and destroy their homes after throwing them out.”

Roberts said their only hope was to get houses where they would feel like normal children. Read the rest of this entry »

Nadine Watson (A Gift from God)

8 03 2009

Nadine was born on the 24th of October 2008 with down-syndrome as well as a leaking heart.

On Monday, the 23rd of February, she had a heart operation which lasted about 6 hours. At that time, I just prayed for my child to come out of the operating theatre alive. Through God’s will and t he prayers of the Symphony Way residents, my child came home today the 5th of March 2009. As a resident on Symphony Way, I believe that through the grace of God my family and I will receive a house.

To the government out there, please listen to your plea and the plea of our children. We can’t be evicted twice! Our children have been traumatised too many times.

Please help my daughter by getting us legal help so that we do not have to go to Blikkiesdorp TRA.

Washiela Watson

To contact Washiela, please call Jane Roberts at 0784031302


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