Cape Town community housing company AGAIN fails to repair substandard houses, leaving us without doors and doorframes!

9 03 2009

Newfields AEC Press Statement

The Newfields Village community has once again been left in limbo by the Cape Town community housing company (CTCHC) which has stopped repairs to the defective Hanover Park houses, claiming it has no more money.

We are baffled by this because even though the city sold off its shares in CTCHC last year, it is still a public entity now owned by the National Housing Finance Corporation which falls under department of housing.

The national home builders regulatory council says it won’t issue certificates to say our houses are structurally sound because the doors and doorframes are falling apart.

At the same time we are expected to pay rent for these houses, which have always been structurally unsound and which continue to be unsound and unsafe for us.

We believe money was allocated for our house repairs, as a result of our long struggle (see history below).

So where is this money now?

We demand the proper house repairs we were promised.

For more information, please call Newfields Village Anti-Eviction Campaign co-ordinator Gary Hartzenberg on 0723925859


2 400 low cost houses were built by the Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC) between 1994 and 2000. Read the rest of this entry »


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