AbM: Notes on the Police Attack on the Pemary Ridge Settlement

14 11 2009

14 November 2009

The Sydenham police arrived at Pemary Ridge at around 8pm on Friday night in one private car.Three police officers first went to a woman’s tuck shop. They found that the shop was closed, and proceeded to kick down the front door. The woman, hearing the police and fearing they would damage her shop, entered through the back door. When she entered, they arrested her for having bottles of beer in her shop.
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Pemary Ridge Under Police Attack Now; Shooting Continues

13 11 2009

Abahlalibase Pemary Ridge
13 November

At 8pm this evening, a Sydenham police car arrived at the Pemary Ridge settlement in Reservoir Hills.  The armed officers went to a home, and kicked down the door.  At the time, a man was walking by, and the police assaulted him – they struck him, and swore at him.  His sister who saw the attack screamed in terror.  When members of the community gathered around to see what was happening, the police opened fire, and started shooting people at random.  Some residents ran to the river to hide.  They reassembled at the top of the road, and began burning tires.  More police arrived and opened fire several times.  The police are continuing to shoot at random now.  They are kicking down the doors of residents’ homes.  All press are urged to rush to the scene.

The whole of this, and last month, is just reports of the police shooting.  2010 has arrived, and by by the time the tournament comes, the stadium will be full bullets.

Sbu 076 7438427
Sbongile 0797433572

Media: Police ‘behind shack attack’

1 10 2009

shack dwellers claim they were targeted

September 30, 2009 Edition 1
The Mercury

POLITICAL and police involvement have been said to be behind the mob that attacked residents of the Kennedy Road informal settlement in Sydenham, Durban, killing two men on Saturday night.

This has been alleged by Abahlali baseMjondolo (shack dwellers’ movement), which said that its members had been targeted during attacks by the mob, acting on orders from ANC leaders, who have denied the allegations. Read the rest of this entry »

AbM: The Attacks Continue Now in the Presence of the Police and Senior ANC leaders

28 09 2009

Emergency Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement
Sunday 27 September 2009, 22:40

There are now senior ANC leaders in the Kennedy Road Community Hall. In their presence the homes of the elected Kennedy Road leadership continue to be demolished and burnt by the same small group of well armed people who have been carrying out attacks with impunity for 23 straight hours. None of the people that launched the surprise,  unprovoked and heavily armed attack on the KRDC last night have been arrested and yet most of the KRDC is locked up in the Sydenham Police station (including those who were publicly performing the imfene dance in Claremont at the time of the attack).

The police are currently on the scene and are doing nothing to stop the destruction. These are the same police who have, over the years, attacked a number of peaceful and legal marches with swift, shocking (and very effective) brutality. They are very well equipped and armed. They can get the riot police to support them in just a few minutes. They can get water cannons and helicopters in a few minutes. They can call in the army if they need to. It would be supremely easy for them to stop these attacks if they wished too. The police complicity in these attacks is now entirely beyond question. It is a matter of clear and obvious and undeniable fact.

We have just heard that S’bu Zikode’s house has been demolished and his goods have been stolen. He personally requested support from the police but received none. Should we be surprised given that these are the same police that tortured him in 2007 for the crime of trying to attend a radio interview?

There is no democracy for the poor in South Africa. Abahlali have been saying this for years. Now it must be obvious to everyone. It is time that we all stopped pretending that everything is ok in our country.


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