Mitchells Plain Traders: CHATA Arrests and Responses

28 04 2010

On Saturday, 24 April 2010, one of CHATA’s members was arrested from the Town Centre market and her goods were confiscated. The city of Cape Town did not issue a confiscation or eviction notice prior to the arrest. Additionally she was trading on land owned by a private owner giving the city no legal ground for the confiscation of her goods. There needs to be more pressure put on the City of Cape Town and the government of South Africa for the mass actions being taken throughout the country against informal traders. Goods are being stolen every day and the government is defending this act by claiming they have the right to confiscate what they do not feel is being sold in the right manner. Legal action needs to take place against these acts.

Additionally, CHATA is responding to a newsletter that has been circulated by The Mitchells Plain Town Centre Merchants Association, discrediting CHATA in its fight for the poor. The chairperson for the MPTCMA is Dr. MC Roomaney, telephone number: 021 392 8130.

CHATA, in particular, is responding to targeted attacks and claims in the newsletter. The MPTCMA stated that “…we exposed these people for the selfish, greedy and obstructionist opportunists they are” in the workshop with the mayor help on 18 November 2009.

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Media: Traders furious as cops dismantle their stalls

10 03 2010
See also a radio786 interview with trader Mischka Cassiem
March 09, 2010 Edition 1
NIKITA SYLVESTER Staff Reporter – Cape Argus

INFORMAL traders in central Mitchells Plain have clashed with police over permits.

Chaos erupted in the town centre yesterday morning when nearly 100 traders reacted angrily to the arrival of metro police who said they had been instructed by city officials to remove any structures which blocked the walkways. Read the rest of this entry »

Traders Evicted in Mitchells Plain Town Centre

8 03 2010

Today in Mitchells Plain Town Centre, Traders were evicted, goods were confiscated, trading bays demolished and livelihoods shattered.

The Town Centre was lined with police and law enforcement vehicles as Traders non-violently protested as they watched their goods get thrown into dumpsters. Over 100 police and law enforcement officers were on the scene, as well as City Officials Randall Skrikker and Richard Holdstock. As each trading bay was broken down, Traders resisted in a non-violent manner.

Traders without permits are left without the ability to continue their businesses after many have been trading in the Town Centre for over 20 years. The community is behind the Traders and we will continue to fight for the rights we know we deserve. The poorest of the poor continue to be marginalised in a country that claims to be democratic. Traders ask for support and solidarity and all media is asked to speak to the following Traders individually to gain further insight into the events that took place today:

Jennifer at 0833522658, Nazeema at 0735790445, Desma Abrahams at 0787878702, Faldela at 0839252025, Ishmael Abrahams at 0837691653, Naiela at 0729050779

Update on Mitchells Plain Traders: Law Enforcement present in Mitchells Plain Town Centre

7 03 2010

The evictions of Traders in Mitchells Plain Town Centre have been calmed. Law Enforcement is still present in the area, but no evictions have taken place this morning.

After 7am this morning one Trader was mishandled and verbally abused by Law Enforcement. The officials approached her stand and removed her goods, vandalising her stand. She then willingly removed her goods, and will continue to trade this afternoon. She was verbally told she can’t trade today and City Official Randall Skrikker announced that she will also not be allowed to trade tomorrow.

Overall the Town Centre is calm. The perseverance of the Traders is apparent as we fight together for our livelihoods. All support and solidarity are requested from the public and media.

For more information please contact Jennifer at 0833522658 and Naiela 0729050779

Eviction worry for MP traders

27 01 2010

2010-01-27 05:42:24 – VOCFM

The Mitchells Plain Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association (CHATA) have expressed concern about threats by law enforcement officials to continue evicting informal traders. This follows an earlier decision by the City of Cape Town to halt the eviction of traders from the Town Centre last year. According to Mischka Cassiem, spokeswoman for CHATA, some of the traders who had relocated to the new trading area in Mitchells Plain have now moved back to the Mitchells Plain Town Centre to trade there because they found that the new trading area did not cater to their needs. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Mitchells Plain Traders Opposing Upgrade Eviction

23 08 2009

Today the Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre traders have reached a boiling point. City officials are still continuing to have meetings with an unconstitutional body in the Town Centre.

Traders are still not certain when they will be evicted. We work each day with the possibility that our livelihoods will be stolen from us by the mere people who claim they provide us with freedoms. The traders have sent emails to Mayor Dan Plato and Premier Hellen Zille regarding a collaborative meeting, but still to this day there has been no response. If provincial and local governments are meant to assist communities then this requires Dan Plato and Hellen Zille to also do their jobs.

Town Centre Traders are in the dark about the future of their own workplace. We have been told briefly that the management of the Town Centre will be given to formal business, but this does not make sense. The bays to which the management is imposing to move the traders have already been numbered with metal plaques. The umbrella body of the traders is aware of this, but the traders whom they claim to represent are not aware. The traders have made multiple objections to the opaque renovation process, the fact that the move only allows space for half of the +/-1000 current Town Centre traders, the move of the city to proceed with the process full knowing the objections of the traders and the city’s agenda of upgrading the Town Centre as an area for private investors instead of for its own people. Amongst these objections and many others, city official Richard Hollstock is telling the traders that if they are unhappy with the process they can fight the issue in the Cape High Court.

That’s a slap in our faces!

We will not stand for this mistreatment and will continue to fight this just cause for the traders and our freedoms.

For further information, please contact Mischka Cassiem at 0731286657

Press Release: Mitchells Plain Town Centre Allocation Process Stopped

13 06 2009

CHATA (Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association) had a meeting with its members on 10 June 2009, regarding the allocation process of trading bays in Mitchells Plain Town Centre. The allocation process was completely unfair and exclusive although the city claimed they would make it transparent and would consult with the traders regarding all issues of the process.

Councillor Dennis Williams explained in a meeting on 9 June 2009 that the process has been stopped. CHATA needs clarification as to why the process has stopped and for how long. Mr. Williams was the very same councillor who agreed that the hawkers must move to the new market, despite mention that the process was exclusive of about 500 traders.

CHATA has grown from 150 members to 500 members and has formed alliances with other groups in the Town Centre.

Traders are fed up with the City not listening to them. CHATA will continue to fight for the fundamental rights of the informal traders in and around the Western Cape.

Contact: Mischka 0731286657

Media: Informal traders upset over revamp

31 05 2009
Nathan Adams | 3 Days Ago
Source: EWN

Mitchell’s Plain traders say they are desperately unhappy about a revamp of the Town Centre.

In 2008, the City of Cape Town announced plans for a makeover, including the redesign of traders’ bays and to ensure compliance with municipal by-laws. Read the rest of this entry »


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