Media: Zim refugees take to streets

13 03 2010

2010-03-13 05:31:26 – Voice of the Cape

“We demand compensation for Zimbabwean refugees who were deprived of property. Detained trade union leaders must be released immediately. We demand a speedy land reform process.” These were some of the posters seen on the streets of Cape Town on Friday afternoon as about 30 women from the trade union Sikhula Sonke took to the streets in solidarity with the Zimbabwean refugees who where displaced in De Doorns late last year. Read the rest of this entry »

Sikhula Sonke appalled by local ANC members in De Doorns call for a march to the refugee camp

23 02 2010

21 February 2010

Sikhula Sonke has been shocked when we, while busy setting up to stay in Stofland for the evening heard local ANC members who went around with a bakkie and loud hailer instigating residents of Stofland to march to the refugee camp on Tuesday 23 February where Zimbabweans will be asked to leave the country. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: They are cashing in on misery

10 12 2009

10 December 2009
Anna Majavu – Sowetan Political Notebook

Political parties dilly-dally while Zimbabweans suffer

XENOPHOBIC violence is on the rise again and political parties are proving themselves useless at even coming close to rooting out the causes or preventing future attacks. Read the rest of this entry »


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