Photographer arrested in Delft for taking pictures

10 06 2008

By Caryn Dolley

A Cape Times photographer is to appear in the Bellville magistrate’s court on Monday morning to face charges of obstruction of justice and resisting arrest after police arrested him while he was taking pictures in Delft South. Read the rest of this entry »

Popular education in the shacks

10 06 2008

From Gugulethu, South Africa

Over the past several weeks, waves of violence have broken out across South Africa, directed at political refugees who have fled across the border from Zimbabwe and immigrants from other African countries. In the desperately poor squatters settlements of the Abahali movement, where many refugees have settled, leaders recognized signs of growing anti-immigrant sentiment months ago and moved rapidly to quell and prevent violence. “No human being is illegal,” read their statement. “Only actions can be illegal.” They determined that people already see squatters in negative terms – “even township people look down on us” – and that they could not afford to further damage their reputations through violence.

The viewpoint and efforts of the squatters testify to their ingenuity and talent. But how did these marginalized people develop the kind of leadership skills that could stop violent demonstrations in a poor township?

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