Photographer arrested in Delft for taking pictures

10 06 2008

By Caryn Dolley

A Cape Times photographer is to appear in the Bellville magistrate’s court on Monday morning to face charges of obstruction of justice and resisting arrest after police arrested him while he was taking pictures in Delft South.
Mlandeli Puzi, 28, was released on a warning from Delft police station on Sunday night after a night behind bars. Puzi said he was “very relieved” to be out.

He said he had been driving in Delft South on Saturday night with a friend when they saw police vans rushing to a tavern.

“We saw a lot of people there and the police started shooting rubber bullets at them. I took pictures and then one police officer dragged me into a van. I said I was a (Cape Times) photographer, but he didn’t listen.”

Puzi had been off duty.

Police spokesperson Billy Jones said Puzi had been arrested for allegedly not leaving a crime scene after police ordered him to, but Puzi said he had not been told he was in a crime scene.

Cape Times editor Tyrone August said he was “extremely concerned” by the arrest, and hoped it was “not a heavy-handed over-reaction”.

“We will reserve further comment until we get to the bottom of the matter,” he said.



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