Solidarity: APF outraged over Western Cape Court sentencing of leading activists to one year in prison

10 07 2008

Update: AEC was able to raise funds from within the community and from various well-wishers.  They are now in the process of appealing the conviction in Cape Town High Court.

Anti Privatisation Forum Press Statement
7 July 2008

The Anti Eviction Campaign is under attack in the Western Cape. Magistrate Van Graan sentenced two leading members of the Delft-Symphony Way settlement, Jerome Daniels and Riedwaan Isaacs, to a year in prison. The Anti Privatisation Forum cannot doubt the report from the AEC that the magistrate
made a politically motivated judgement in wanting to teach the AEC a lesson. He was not shy in his conduct and his judgement to emphasise the ties of the defendants to the organisation. Being a member of an organisation of the poor is incriminating enough for these hawks. Read the rest of this entry »

QQ Section in ‘Litsha takes up tools

10 07 2008
10/07/2008 09:57 AM
Source: CityVision-WC

THE hall was packed on Saturday when the community of QQ Section in Khayelitsha launched their organisation called Abahlali baseMjondolo, the South African shack dwellers’ movement.

Abahlali was established in Durban, early in 2005. Abahlali have democratised the governance of many settlements, stopped evictions in a number of settlements, won access to schools, stopped the industrial development of the land promised to Kennedy Road, forced numerous government officials, offices and projects to “come down to the people” and mounted vigorous challenges to the uncritical assumption of a right to lead the local struggles of the poor in the name of a privileged access to the global movement, according to a statement. Read the rest of this entry »

ZACF Statement of Solidarity with Jerome Daniels and Riedwaan Isaacs

10 07 2008
Source: Zabalaza
by Jonathan - Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front Wednesday, Jul 9 2008, 1:37pmThe Zabalaza

Anarchist Communist Front wishes to express its heartfelt solidarity with Mr Jerome Daniels and Mr Riedwaan Isaacs - two Delft Anti-Eviction Campaign members who, on Wednesday 2nd July, were sentenced to 12 months in prison for their political and social activism.

The two - one of whom was not even present in the community when the incident in question took place - maintained their innocence in the face of charges of malicious damage to property; although it is clear that what was really on trial was their role as community activists in the Delft-Symphony Way settlement. The testimony of one Mrs Evelyn Mokoena, who was speaking in defence of the accused, was repeatedly interrupted when the magistrate questioned the defendants about their involvement in the Anti-Eviction Campaign, a grassroots and autonomous social movement.

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