‘A Prayer for Justice’ by Nsingo Fanuel (AbM member)

31 07 2008

A Prayer for Justice

When you created heaven and earth,
They have formed suburbs and locations.
When you created man and woman to become one flesh,
They have divided your creation with fences and police.
O, Dear Good Lord, your world has been torn asunder!

When you gave the Israelites manna in the dessert,
They have left us to starve in the midst of plenty.
When you took the Israelites to the promised land,
They have relocated us from the land they promised us.
O, Dear Good Lord, your people are suffering!

When you said Jerusalem is the city of gold,
They have said our shacks are called ’slums’.
When you gave the Ten Commandments,
They have imposed the Slums Act.
O, Dear Good Lord, we are being driven from Jerusalem!

When you saved the Israelites from the plagues,
They have left us to burn and die in the shack fires.
When you gave the Israelites water from the dry rock,
They have left us to struggle without taps in dirt and thirst.
O, Dear Good Lord, the plagues of oppression are on us!

When you preached the Sermon on the Mount,
They have promised to eradicate us.
When you preached the unity of all the world,
They have led us to the ‘xenophobic attacks’
O, Dear Good Lord, we plead for your mercy!

When you delivered your people from the Egyptian Pharaoh,
They have seized the staff of Pharaoh for themselsves.
When you chased the money changers out of the temple,
They have bought and sold the land you made for all.
O, Dear Good Lord, our rulers have sinned against you!

You have told us to be together sharing everything in common.
You have told us that your earth was made for everyone.
The fences and the police blaspheme against your creation.
The Slums Act blasphemes against your creation.
The plagues of fire and thirst blaspheme against your creation.
O, Dear Good Lord, give us strength as we make your world one again!

Prepared by: Nsingo Fanuel (Abahlali baseMjondolo member)

AbM Youth League Chairperson’s shack has just been lost to fire

31 07 2008

Bongo Dlamini, 19 year old struggle artist elected as the chairperson of the Abahlali baseMjondolo youth league on 16 June 2008, has just lost his shack in a fire in the Motala Heights settlement in Pinetown. Neighbours were able to put the fire out quickly and it did not spread to other homes. But Bongo has lost everything he owned. He was going to design the new Durban Abahlali banner after the old one, designed by Mbongeni Msomi from Mpola, was given to the comrades in QQ Section in Cape Town to celebrate the launch of their AbM branch. Read the rest of this entry »