Backyard residents march for equality

15 07 2008
By Mikhaila Crowie
15 July - Bush Radio

Those living in The Backyards of Gugulethu, Langa and Nyanga have accused the government of not doing enough to help them.

The backyard-dwellers feel that government only help those involved in high profile cases and ignores the plight of people living in the backyard.

The backyards will today embark on a protest march demanding disaster flood relief in front of the Fezeka Municipality building in Gugulethu.

Mncedisi Twalo, co-ordinator for Anti-Eviction campaign in the Western Cape, said that the plight of the backyard is being ignored by the current government because they are only focusing on the informal settlements.

“They are not focusing on those staying in the ghettos. The plight of the backyard has been ignored for many years, from 1994 up until now.”, said Twalo.

Twalo also said that it was time that government start treating them as equals. “My concerns are for those people living at the back, it’s offensive so we need to be treated in the same manner.”



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